After Party
After Party
Kyle crossing paths with T.N.T.
Objective:Question T.N.T. about new directions.
Enemies:Zombies, T.N.T.
Location:a city in Europe

After Party is the sixth mission of the Europe campaign in Dead Trigger 2.

Warningico Spoiler warning: This page contains major plot details, read at your own risk!


Because of T.N.T.'s false information about the corpse of The First One's whereabouts, Kyle pursues to question T.N.T. for new directions. Instead of cooperating, T.N.T. flees from Kyle and enters the police station. Kyle sees a scrap of T.N.T.'s clothing, leaving a sign that he entered the now locked gate. Kyle successfully finds a way to open the gate and runs after the oddly-dressed maniac through the floors until he reaches him from a wooden ledge. In the next scene, T.N.T. is seen being held by Kyle upside-down from the foot while asking for new directions, showing that Kyle followed Buck's orders which was going "physical" with interrogating him. T.N.T. then says that the First One's corpse is in a university.


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