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"Free refill"
Kyle after refilling ammo from
The Ammo Box is a utility in Dead Trigger 2



The first appearance of the Ammo Box is in the first mission after using up some ammo from a CZ 75. It also appears in the most of the levels and maps of the game. It replenishes ammo for all weapons up to their maximum amount. To refill ammo from the Ammo box, simply stand in front of it and look at it, the ammo will start to refill automatically. It doesn't work if the player is looking anywhere else than directly on the Ammo box, so make sure there aren't any zombies nearby before refilling ammo as turning and shooting at them will stop the ammo refilling. The ammo box does not have infinite ammunition and will close when out of ammunition. (You can see how much ammo is left inside by the icon of three cartridges, the blue lines in them show the amount of ammunition left and they go down as the ammo supply is being depleted.)

The amount of ammunition it can replenish to a weapon depends on its clip size and reserve ammo, and also on the type of ammunition (Special ammo types like grenades for Grenade Launcher or rockets for Flash drain ammo very quickly. In general, the more powerful rounds and the less ammo capacity the weapon has, the faster it depletes the ammo supply from the box to refill that kind of ammo.)  Using the ammo box contributes to the interaction money bonus.

In some Defend missions, where player has to defend themselves in a tight space, there's sometimes an ammo box with much greater than usual capacity available. Refilling ammo from this box decreases its ammo supply very slowly so it sometimes seems infinite. However, it's theoretically possible to deplete this box after a huge amount of ammo taken, although the time limit in Defend mission usually doesn't allow so. Ammo boxes with extended capacity are also included in the Arena of Death.

In the Arena update (version 0.5.0) the Ammo Box received a new texture, which is now darker, the ammo box seems more robust and it has some yellow stripes and markings on it. The speed of refilling ammo seems to be slightly lowered.

There's also a mobile version of the Ammo Box, deployable by the player: the Ammo Chicken.



  • Although the Brainmill and the Chainsaw don't use ammunition - they do use fuel - it's still possible to refill their "ammo" at the Ammo Box.
  • The ammo box contains multiple ammo types, according to writings on the smaller boxes inside, which say "Armor piercing rounds" and "Incendiary rounds". However, none of the weapons in game seem to use these kinds of ammunition.