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Armored Zombie
Armoredzombie2 zps00792852
☣ Zombie Statistics ☣
StatusUndead, Zombified, Infected.
WeaponsMelee ( Hands and metal pipes)
HealthLow- Medium
OccupationUnknown, likely police or soldier, maybe SWAT since his uniform is more like it.

The Armored Zombie is a variation of the Zombies in Dead Trigger 2.



The Armored zombie wears a light grey armored suit, containing bulletproof plates and a helmet. However, it's much lighter than the armored suit of Panzer

Abilities Edit

The Armored zombie shares all the traits of the other zombies. He can crawl, jump, and attack the player with bare hands. Unlike other zombies, it never spawns with a metal pipe. However, his health is higher compared to normal zombies, as his armored suit gives him additional protection. It's health is approximately 2.5 times the health of a regular zombie, however, it's still much lower than health of any Special Zombie.


His head is well protected. Instead, the suit is torn on his body, revealing spots without the protection of the armored suit. It is advised that one should aim for that unprotected part.

Appearances in gameEdit

This zombie appears in USA, Africa, China, Europe, South America, Russia, Greenland, Australia, Middle East, Siberia, and in the Arena. 

Strategy Edit

  • The zombie's head is protected by the helmet, so it's not advised to shoot there .
  • Its suit is torn apart which reveals the unprotected spot. It's recommended to shoot directly at it to deal the highest damage.
  • Its limbs are hard to disable. However the Player can still make them become crawlers. ( Not recommended )
  • Use the advantages of explosives ( Frag Grenades, Triple Mine, red barrels,...).
  • Use the advantages of the environment.
  • Use the advantages of other Special Zombies' attacks ( Vomitron's spit, Rager's sprinting attack,...).

Trivia Edit

  • If the Player listens carefully, he/she'll see that this zombie has an unique dying sound. ( Much like the Scienfist)
  • "Shooting to its unprotected part of its head might kill it easier" is still an unconfirmed theory.

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