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For the character upgrade in Dead Trigger, see Autoheal Kit.

"This Auto-Injector device will spend a dose of medicals everytime an injury is detected."
—Game Description

☣ Item Statistics ☣
Effect:Automatically and slowly restores player's health when out of combat
Duration:Constant (works in proportion to missing health)
Amount per purchase:60 (Mk 3)
+20 for every upgrade
Limit per game:1,000

The Autoheal is an item that, when equipped, will automatically replenish the player's health once the player is wounded. To be able to produce Autoheal, the Medic must at least be at level 3, and 4 blueprints are required with a price of Gold DT2 150 to instantly find all of the blueprint schematics. The autoheal occupies a Gadget slot like other consumable items.


Autoheal is an item in Dead Trigger 2 that heals the user automatically when the Hero's health goes below full capacity, at a constant rate. There are two main attributes that escalate as Autoheal increases in mark, 'Heal Speed' and 'Heal Delay'. 'Heal Speed' is the rate at which health is restored. And 'Heal Delay' is the time taken after sustaining an injury before autoheal will take place.

It will continue healing the player until health reaches full capacity, or until it runs out. When equipped, a small icon next to the health meter will appear which indicates the amount of health remaining on the player's autoheal up to a maximum of 1,000 health points. There is also an arrow that indicates whether the Autoheal is currently regenerating the players health (the arrow is spinning) or not (the arrow is stationary).

Due to its slow healing speed and delay, the Autoheal is not as effective as Painkillers during combat. However, they can save the player's life if they do not notice their low health and aren't in immediate danger.


Mark Heal speed (seconds) Heal delay (seconds) Upgrade cost Instant upgrade Upgrade Time Build cost Instant build Build time
Mark 3 0.4 7 N/A N/A N/A Money DT2 375 Gold DT2 2 3 Minutes
Mark 4 Upgrade Marks DT2 0.5 Upgrade Marks DT2 6.8 Money DT2 30,000 Gold DT2 25 1 Hour 30 Minutes Money DT2 450 Gold DT2 3 4 Minutes 30 Seconds
Mark 5 Upgrade Marks DT2 0.6 Upgrade Marks DT2 6.6 Money DT2 52,500 Gold DT2 40 3 Hours Money DT2 525 Gold DT2 3 6 Minutes
Mark 6 Upgrade Marks DT2 0.7 Upgrade Marks DT2 6.4 Money DT2 75,000 Gold DT2 54 4 Hours 30 Minutes Money DT2 750 Gold DT2 4 7 Minutes 30 Seconds
Mark 7 Upgrade Marks DT2 0.8 Upgrade Marks DT2 6.2 Money DT2 105,000 Gold DT2 68 6 Hours Money DT2 1,200 Gold DT2 5 10 Minutes 30 Seconds
Mark 8 Upgrade Marks DT2 1 Upgrade Marks DT2 6 Money DT2 150,000 Gold DT2 97 9 Hours Money DT2 1,800 Gold DT2 6 13 Minutes 30 Seconds
Mark 9 Upgrade Marks DT2 1.2 Upgrade Marks DT2 5.8 Money DT2 195,000 Gold DT2 126 12 Hours Money DT2 2,400 Gold DT2 6 16 Minutes 30 Seconds
Mark 10 Upgrade Marks DT2 1.4 Upgrade Marks DT2 5.6 Money DT2 270,000 Gold DT2 154 15 Hours Money DT2 3,000 Gold DT2 ? 19 Minutes 30 Seconds
Total Money DT2 882,500 Gold DT2 564 2 Days 3 Hours



  • The Autoheal Kit in Dead Trigger 1 works very similar. However, it costs gold, has unlimited uses and instantly begins to take effect.

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