Bandage   Revive Kit   Medkit    
☣ Item Statistics ☣
Effect:Heal player
Amount per purchase:5
Limit per game:5
PriceShop icon 1400

"Never swim in a sea with sharks while your nose is bleeding. Zombies sense blood from tens of meters away. Bandages will heal your wounds. A little."
—In-game description



The bandage can be a very useful item, as it is extremely cheap and replenishes the player's health. Furthermore, it comes in five per purchase. However, if the player has purchased a Autoheal Kit, this item is not very useful. The player can bring up to five bandages every mission. It replenishes a total of three bars, no matter what level of damage it is in (i.e. appearing as a faded red).


  • There is no visual animation when it is used.
  • When three bars of health is restored with one bandage, a sound effect is heard.


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