Bloody Subway was the first Arena map in the game.

This map is located in the subway, as the title states. There is the station platform with an inaccessible broken down subway train and 3 staircases that lead to a higher floor and a small walk through under the upper floor. It is a rather small cramped map, with many spawn points for Zombies.

Like all Arena maps, this map comes with 3 power-up stations. Ammo, Health and a Speed Booster/Damage Booster perk can be bought. All the power-up stations are fenced and must be unlocked. The health station is located at the ground floor. The Speed/ Damage Booster perk is located upstairs on the left; the supposed elevator. The Ammo station can be unlocked upstairs on the right.


  • This is one of the smallest maps in the game.

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