"All set! Blow up the mine now!"

Buck to Kyle before destroying the mine.

Warningico Spoiler warning: This page contains major plot details, read at your own risk!
Blow Out is the nineth mission in the Africa campaign.
Blow Out
Objective:Blow up the mine
Location:An abandoned mine in Africa


  • Get the detonator from the stash
  • Place the detonator outside the mine
  • Get explosives from the stash
  • Plant explosives on critical site
  • Blow up the mind

*The third and the fourth objectives repeat three times*

Summary Edit

The mission starts out with Kyle at the back of the abandoned mine. Buck then asked Kyle to go inside the mine and get the detonator. Suddenly, a Scienfist appeared but Kyle took care of it easily. After travelling a long way and battle zombies , Kyle finally found it and brought it outside the mine. He then placed the detonator far from the entry of the mine in order to stay away from the explosion. Buck then told Kyle to take explosives from the stash he got the detonator and plant them in critical site of the mine. Kyle planted three explosives sucessfully and then returned to detonator. While returning he met a Panzer and he defeated it. After that, Kyle rushed to the detonator and blew out the mine full of zombies. The mission ends with the scence the abandoned mine being blown up and the zombies within it.

Trivia Edit

  • A Scienfist not always appears when Kyle enters the mine.
  • The toxic waste of the barrels can harm the player.

Gallery Edit


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