"What do we have here?"
—Kyle after completing a blueprint


Blueprints DT2

Blueprint drop

Blueprints are one of the bonus drops that can be found and composed to allow new weapons and pieces of equipment to be built. They only drop as a rare drop from special zombies. The exact chance of getting a blueprint is unknown, however it seems to vary from 25% to 10% as the player levels up and progresses trough the game. This is, however, unconfirmed and based only on guesses and counting probability from player statistics (they show both amount of blueprints got and amount of specials killed).

Below is a list of blueprints. "Tech level" means the level of Tech of the Hideout that is required for the blueprint to be revealed so then it starts to drop from special zombies. "Tech level to build" means the level of the respective worker (Gunsmith for weapons and Engineer for equipment and Combat Chicken) that allows to build the respective weapon/piece of equipment. "Gold to complete" means the amount of Gold that is needed to complete the blueprint instantly, without having to find all the parts (Please note that the actual item won't be unlocked when using this option, only the blueprint will be revealed. The item still needs to be produced at the respective worker).

List of blueprintsEdit

Tech level Blueprints Gunsmith level to build Number of pieces Gold to complete
Tech 1 Ithaca Mark 2 4 pieces Gold DT2 160
M-16 Mark 2 4 pieces Gold DT2 200
Studded Bat Mark 2 3 pieces Gold DT2 280
Tech 2 Crossbow Mark 4 4 pieces Gold DT2 325
Dual Glock Mark 3 4 pieces Gold DT2 180
Knife Mark 3 2 pieces Gold DT2 50
Machette Mark 3 2 pieces Gold DT2 240
Tech 3 Crowbar Mark 5 2 pieces Gold DT2 150
Dual Uzi Mark 5 6 pieces Gold DT2 280
Grenade Launcher Mark 5 6 pieces Gold DT2 660
Rocket Chicken Mark 4 6 pieces Gold DT2 350
Sentry Gun Mark 4 6 pieces Gold DT2 750
Tech 4 M1 Garand Mark 4 4 pieces Gold DT2 350
Tech 5 Rocket Launcher Mark 6 6 pieces Gold DT2 750
Jackhammer Mark 6 4 pieces Gold DT2 450
M-4 Mark 6 4 pieces Gold DT2 420
Ammo Chicken Mark 5 4 pieces Gold DT2 350
Axe Mark 6 3 pieces Gold DT2 390
Tech 6 Desert Eagle Mark 7 2 pieces Gold DT2 350
SCAR Mark 7 4 pieces Gold DT2 650
Sentry Chicken Mark 5 6 pieces Gold DT2 750
Type 92 Mark 7 8 pieces Gold DT2 800
Brainmill Mark 7 6 pieces Gold DT2 630
Tech 7 Chainsaw Mark 8 8 pieces Gold DT2 680
Scorpion EVO Mark 8 3 pieces Gold DT2 420
SPAS Mark 8 4 pieces Gold DT2 450
Hammer Mark 8 4 pieces Gold DT2 ?
Tech 8 Minigun Mark 9 8 pieces Gold DT2 1,000
Spagin Mark 9 3 pieces Gold DT2 550
Tech 9 FN 2000 Mark 9 4 pieces Gold DT2 670
Tech 10 KSG Mark 10 6 pieces Gold DT2 750
Winchester 94 Mark 10 6 pieces Gold DT2 700
Katana Mark 10 8 pieces Gold DT2 800

This list might not include all weapons and items from the latest update. Any help with completing the table would be appreciated.

Note that some of the weapons do not require any blueprints to be available to the player. These include the Wrench and CZ 75, these are the first two weapons in game unlocked by default. Other weapons that do not need blueprints are MP5K, the first weapon to be built, AK 74, as it was only possible to unlock it by helping to free the city of Abuja during Africa campaign, and Butterfly, as it was a Christmas present found under the Christmas Tree during Christmas 2013 (the AK 74 and Butterfly now needs blueprints to be produced for players who did not receive it).



  • Even some technically "primitive" weapons, such as the Studded Bat, need blueprints to be completed.
  • Some weapon classes have the same amount of blueprints for each weapon in its category (e.g Assault rifles - four blueprints), however, some weapon classes vary very much in amount of blueprints for each specific weapon, especially melee weapons, ranging from two to eight blueprints.
  • Dual wield weapons always require double the amount of blueprints to be completed than other weapons in the same category (Dual Glock - four blueprints, as opposed to Desert Eagle's two and Dual Uzi - six blueprints, as opposed to Spagin's and Scorpion EVO's three).