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Boom Chicken
Boom Chicken
☣ Item Statistics ☣
Type:Combat Chicken
Damage: 90 (Mk 1)
Range: ?
Engineer levelEngineer Level 2
PriceVaries per upgrade (starts at 400 per 3 chicken)

"Suicidal chickens will attract Zombies around and then go BOOM!"
—Game Description
The Boom Chicken is a Combat Chicken in Dead Trigger 2.


The Boom Chickens were created by Roberto, an engineer who was searching a new method of helping a survivor during a fight. Usable as an effective bait and explosive device at once, the Boom Chicken is a useful piece of equipment.



Boom Chickens are essentially live, walking Frag Grenades or Mines, useful for clearing out hordes from a distance or luring the zombies away. They are the first of Combat Chicken available to the player, however, they also deal the least damage. Because of it, upgrades are recommended if they are to be used in latter parts of the game.


Mark Damage Upgrade cost Instant upgrade Upgrade time Building cost Instant build Building time
Mark 2 150 N/A N/A N/A Money DT2 400 (2x) Gold DT2 2 2 Minutes
Mark 3 Upgrade Marks DT2 300 Money DT2 10,000 Gold DT2 20 1 Hour Money DT2 500 (2x) Gold DT2 2 4 Minutes
Mark 4 Upgrade Marks DT2 600 Money DT2 40,000 Gold DT2 30 2 Hours Money DT2 600 (3x) Gold DT2 3 6 Minutes
Mark 5 Upgrade Marks DT2 1,200 Money DT2 70,000 Gold DT2 49 4 Hours Money DT2 700 (3x) Gold DT2 4 8 Minutes
Mark 6 Upgrade Marks DT2 2,400 Money DT2 100,000 Gold DT2 68 6 Hours Money DT2 1,000 (3x) Gold DT2 4 10 Minutes
Mark 7 Upgrade Marks DT2 4,800 Money DT2 140,000 Gold DT2 87 8 Hours Money DT2 1,600 (4x) Gold DT2 6 14 Minutes
Mark 8 Upgrade Marks DT2 9,600 Money DT2 200,000 Gold DT2 126 12 Hours Money DT2 2,400 (4x) Gold DT2 7 18 Minutes
Mark 9 Upgrade Marks DT2 19,200 Money DT2 260,000 Gold DT2 164 16 Hours Money DT2 3,200 (4x) Gold DT2 8 22 Minutes
Mark 10 Upgrade Marks DT2 38,400 Money DT2 360,000 Gold DT2 202 20 Hours Money DT2 4,000 (4x) Gold DT2 10 26 Minutes




  • Boom Chickens function similar to Bait Grenades from Dead Trigger 1.

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