file:casin_01.pngThe casino
This is one of the new buildings from the v1.1.0 patch.

You can earn gold, money, items, and casino chips from here.

To spin you need casino chips, you can earn 3 chips everyday from daily rewards, by getting three bells in a row from a spin at the Casino, by passing the first 10th wave in a survival game at the Arena, or by buying 5 casino chips for 5 gold. The jackpot is 200 gold.

Chips 01

Item ValuesEdit

When three items are lined in a row, prizes are earned as follows:



Bell +3 Casino Chips (+2 in version 1.1.2)
Orange +2 Turret, or +2 Revive Kit
Number 7 +G10
Bar +G200 (jackpot)
Grapes +G100
Watermelon High Amount of Money*
Lemon +4 Bandages, or +2 First Aid Kits
Plum +2 Blade Cutter, or +2 Laser Cutter
Cherries +G1000(jackpot)
  • The rank of the player has effect on these items, so amounts may vary.


  • If you change the date on your device's calendar, the game will give you another daily bonus. However, this is not recommended, because once you set the date back to real time, everyday you skipped to, as well as any in between that you didn't go to will not give you a daily reward. To make sure you can get your daily reward back, set the date to a date that's one day from the last date you set to and go back to the game but don't tap the screen. Then go back to settings and set the time to original and went back to the game. You can collect your reward.
  • With many Casino Chips in your supply, backup your game at New Hope. After exhausting your Chips supply, you can restore back to your last backup point. Repeat until the Jackpot is achieved or the onset of a repetitive strain injury.
  • Formerly when you got the daily reward message, you could repeatedly tap the screen and gain an infinite amount of Casino Chips. You could continue this until the message went away, due to not tapping fast enough. This glitch does not work for anything else, whether it be a supply drop or a prize from the casino.