Crate Diggin'
Kyle's arrival at the warehouse.
Objective:Find the First One's body.
Location:a warehouse in somewhere in Europe.

Crate Diggin' is the fifth mission of Europe campaign in Dead Trigger 2.

Warningico Spoiler warning: This page contains major plot details, read at your own risk!


With T.N.T.'s "reliable" information, Kyle bravely starts his hunt for The First One's corpse in a zombie-infested warehouse somewhere in Europe. Kyle tries to find a way to enter the warehouse while battling the undead in his way. Kyle looks at a stretcher to see if the first one is there, but it is nowhere to be found. Kyle enters the warehouse and sees many clusters of zombies. He then finds a truck and opens the backdoor. He found a Scienfist inside the truck filled with toxic waste. Kyle leaves the warehouse and seeks vengeance once he sees T.N.T. again for his unreliable information.

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