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Crossbow (Dead Trigger 2)
Crossbow (Dead Trigger 2)
☣ Weapon Statistics ☣
Based on:Crossbow
Class:Special Weapons
Damage96 (on purchase - Mk 4)
6,144 (fully upgraded - Mk 10)
Rate of fireCROSSBOW Fire Rate Mk 1 Stats
RangeCROSSBOW Range Mk 1 Stats
Fire mode4-round burst
Gunsmith levelTech level 2 (blueprint reveal)
Gunsmith level 4 (to build)
Blueprints*4 pieces
  • Gold DT2 325 to instantly complete
PriceMoney DT2 50,000
Gold DT2 107 to instantly build
Crossbow (Dead Trigger 2)-icon

"Time to go hunting! Just make sure your trophy is really dead before hanging it on the wall."
—Game description
The Crossbow is one of the four exotic weapon in Dead Trigger 2.

Overview Edit

The Crossbow is the first exotic weapon to be unlocked. Its blueprint is revealed at Tech level 2, and it requires Gunsmith level 4 to be built.

Summary Edit

The Crossbow is a weapon that fires bolts in a burst of four. It fairs very well when used early on, and does exceptional work against groups of Zombies. It is one of the four Exotic weapon in Dead Trigger 2 and one of the few burst fire weapons in the game. Once the "trigger" is pulled, it automatically fires four piercing bolts. It must be aimed higher to hit long range targets. Against special Zombies, it does significant damage, usually taking less than a drum to force a Panzer to expose its weak spot, and more for a Rager, but getting either in the back will result in increased damage.

It is ideal as a secondary weapon, as its attributes are designed for groups of enemies, but not for single targets. Though its quad-burst firemode can be a nuisance, it is made up for by having a piercing ability that can penetrate through as many zombies as the player can line them up and it can pierce infinitely until the bolt hits an obstacle. The piercing ability works extremely well with Panzers as it only takes less than a clip to make the Panzer expose its weak spot.

Pros & Cons Edit

Plusico Piercing ability of the bolts, allowing to hit more than one zombie, no accuracy loss when moving and shooting
Minusico Low accuracy, hard to aim at longer ranges because the bolts drop over distance, burst fire may lead to ammo wasting

Upgrades Edit

Mark Price Damage Instant finish Time
Mark 4 Money DT2 50,000 96 Gold DT2 107 10 Hours
Mark 5 Money DT2 125,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 192 Gold DT2 202 20 Hours
Mark 6 Money DT2 175,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 384 Gold DT2 325 1 Day 16 Hours
Mark 7 Money DT2 250,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 768 Gold DT2 378 2 Days 2 Hours
Mark 8

Money DT2 375,000

Upgrade Marks DT2 1,536 Gold DT2 430 2 Days 12 Hours
Mark 9 Money DT2 500,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 3,072 Gold DT2 483 2 Days 22 Hours
Mark 10 Money DT2 625,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 6,144 Gold DT2 ? 3 Days 3 Hours
Total Money DT2 2,100,000 Gold DT2 1,925+? 13 Days 13 Hours

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It is one of two golden weapons in Dead Trigger 2, the other being the Desert Eagle.
  • The Crossbow has two griffins on its horizontal limbs.
  • It has a crucifix on it's right limb, likely a means to repel the "unholy". Strangely, the crucifix appears on the left side in the menu.
    • Also on the crucifix, there are three rubies: the one on the top is gold, and the two on the arms are red.
  • It has the exact same model as its predecessor, but it is reskinned and has the crucifix. 
  • Before the version 0.4.0 (January 2014 update), the Crossbow used to have 16 bolts in its clip, 90 in reserve and receive 8-17 bolts upon ammo pickup.

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