For the powerup in DT2, see Damage Booster (Dead Trigger 2).
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"Multiplies your damage when equipped. 'Nuff said."
—In-game description

Damage Booster
Damage Booster
☣ Item Statistics ☣
Effect:Increases damage dealt to enemies per hit
Amount per purchase:One (Infinite Use)
PriceShop icon 2399 Android
Shop icon 2399 Apple-icon-16x16

The Damage Booster is a power-up which increases the amount of damage inflicted on a Zombie to reduce ammo consumption and allow quicker kill times.



The Damage Booster is one of the most powerful power-ups in the game. It modifies the damage on all weapons, except for items such as the Frag Grenade. It is unknown how many points it increases effective damage, but it is above 200. For example, if an assault rifle took five shots to kill one zombie, it would take three shots to kill instead with the Damage Booster equipped. Pistols take about 2 accurate headshots for a kill, shotguns about 1 as well, submachine guns are affected by about 2-3 shots, and melee weapons are decreased by about .20, which saves ammo/fuel.


  • The name isn't all capitalized, unlike the other 3 power-ups.