Day Planner
Day Planner
The three sheets that comprise the Day Planner.
Dead Trigger
Owner: Dr. McGuffin
Appearance: Old College Try!
The Day Planner is an object that appears in Dead Trigger.


NAME: Dr. Merek McGuffin

6:00 Brush teeth, get my pants on

8:00 Eat some junk food from the vending machine

8:30 Proceed with examination of the infected brain

12:00 LUNCH TIME !!!

13:20 Discussion with Prof. McKenna & Dr. Leary

16:00 Buy flowers for Lucy

16:50 Contact MADFINGER support with some SHADOWGUN ideas

17:10 continue the infection research

18:40 Leave ID card to my lab in GENETIC LAB 1

20:00 Beer with Prof. Alexowicz & Prof. Smeeleck

Old College Try!Edit

The Day Planner can be found in this mission, in Dr. McGuffin's quarters.

Day Planner location

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