Power-ups in Dead Trigger are perks that can be obtained in the shop. Temporary versions lasting for one round can be purchased at specific locations in certain Arena maps. All power-ups are completely beneficial and feature no downsides.


Money BoosterEdit

Money Booster
"If you have ever destroyed a slot machine in Vegas with a sledgehammer and watched the money pour out, you already know how the money booster works."
300 Shop icon 1

Speed BoosterEdit

Speed Booster
"Running fast in dead world is better than a suit of armor or bulletproof vest. In and out, nobody gets hurt: the motto of Special Forces and porn stars."
300 Shop icon 1

Damage BoosterEdit

Damage Booster
"Multiplies your damage when equipped. 'Nuff said."
399 Shop icon 1

Head Flator X1Edit

Head-Flator X1 HD
"How about a plastic surgery instrument prototype that didn't exactly get approval for usage on humans? The Head Flator X1 enables you to inflate the heads of zombies to XXXXL size...Headshot!"
199 Shop icon 1



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