Dead Trigger 2 will undergo updates that will add new features, and change or remove old ones. Concerning the release strategy, MADFINGER Games has decided it would be best to release all updates to the Android platform first, then iOS, because iOS got the game first, Android would receive the updates first.

The descriptions in this page have not been changed from the original ones in the application markets.

Version ChangesEdit

Version Release Change Platform Notes


Oct 23, 2013 Initial release Apple-icon-16x16Android Initial release


Nov 14, 2013 Current Update 0.2.2

Gameplay Balancing

  • Kamikaze - Decreases damage done by explosion
  • Infector - Lowered aiming capability
  • Berserker - Decreases health points
  • Panzer - Decreases health points
  • Zombie difficulty is rebalanced
  • Several missions are rebalanced

Visual Quality

  • iPad Air - Highest visual settings
  • iPad Mini 2gen - Highest visual settings

Bug Fixes

  • Chain-saw is visible in Inventory
  • Inactive boosters are not visible anymore
  • Pain-killer upgrade works correctly

New Features

  • Inverted aim option

Next Update 0.2.5 - Late November

  • New Gameplay
  • New African Environments

Next Update 0.3.0 - December

  • Chinese Environments
  • New Single Player Story
  • New Warfare Missions
  • Achievements/Challenges
  • Slot Machine
  • New Melee Weapons
  • Special Christmas Update
Apple-icon-16x16 Includes info for future updates


Dec 3, 2013 Current Update 0.2.5

New Features

  • Over 50 new gameplays
  • More Helicopter & Sniper missions
  • New African Environments
  • Redesigned Warfare Rewards

Gameplay Rebalancing

  • Zombie difficulty has been rebalanced
  • Number of fast zombies decreased
  • Several missions have been rebalanced


  • Polished support for MFI controllers
  • Various small tweaks across the whole game

Next Update 0.3.0 - December

  • Chinese Environments
  • New Single Player Story
  • New Warfare Missions
  • Achievements/Challenges
  • Slot Machine
  • New Melee Weapons
  • Special Christmas Update
  • Chat

Next Update 0.4.0 - January

  • European Environments
  • Redisigned Global Warfare
  • Friends
  • Slot Machine
  • Arena League System
Apple-icon-16x16 Released late (Planned for release in late November)


Dec 17, 2013 Current Update 0.3.0

BIG UPDATE - almost doubled game content - now 3 regions, 15 locations, 30 weapons, more than 150 gameplays

  • Special Christmas Update - play more & look for time limited valuable Xmas presents
  • Update with new Beautiful Chinese Environments
  • New Single Player Story
  • New Warfare Missions
  • Achievements/Challenges with exclusive in-game currency reward - full support of Achievement in Game Center on iOS.
  • 6 Melee Weapons - Big Hammer, Brain Mill or Machete, etc.
  • Chat

Next Update 0.4.0 - January

  • European Environments
  • Redisigned Global Warfare
  • Friends
  • Slot Machine
  • Arena and League System


Jan 28, 2014 Video Sharing

A brand new way to show and share your adventures! Record your daring missions and wow other zombie hunters from all around the world!

New Weapons Get your hands on 3 new weapons - FN2000, Spagin and the mighty Minigun!

Friends Make a list of friends in Dead Trigger 2! Compare your stats, hype your friends up, or have a chat in between zombie destruction!

New Warfare Infection is an equal opportunity employer... So let's get to work! Death knows no boundaries. It's high time to fight for humanity in Europe!

Environments Resistance intel has revealed 9 new environments! Fight your way through the city streets, countryside, warehouses, factories and many more!

Auto-heal Bored of classic Bandages? The new Auto-heal gadget will keep you in shape all the time.

Permanent Money Booster Get this booster and double your mission income. For how long? FOREVER!

New Production Resistance now allows you to upgrade your Hideout up to level 9.

Warfare Tweaks From now on, rewards are awarded in relation to score, not kills. So go set your sights for some new and difficult tasks!



Mar 21, 2014 What's New in Version 0.5.0 :

Arena Of Death Welcome to arena where the weak are crushed and strong rule forever. Kill most zombies in many ways to amuse bloodthirsty audience. Compete against others. Challenge your friends and become a legend.

Leaderboard From now, you can list just your friend to show them in leaderboard and compare yours score.

Ejecting Traps In arena you can build the traps, which kill the zombies by catapulting their rotten bodies to the air. Building proces is same as building barricades, effect brings much more fun.

Lucky Boxes When show in arena, run through it and temporarily improve your skill.There are: Immortality- death´s worst nightmare Score Bust- double score bonus Damage Bust- significant increase of damage Melee Madness- increase speed with great surge of melee weapons effectivity

New zombies There are new faces of our zombie friends. From now, you can practise bloody surgery on nurse, builder and prostitute.

Warfare When fight for humanity will finish in Europe, don´t expect end of troubles. Global resistance will be called again for new liberation campaign in America.

Environments Town and dam reservoir are new enviroments, where zombie killers will rendez vous another infected flesh to have a fun. Besides now is possible to play during nighttime and enjoy more spooky atmosphere.

Shop De-Zombification The design and functionality of the HIDEOUT shop has been enhanced. CHECK OUT our new and improved starter packs.

50% Discount For Starter Packs Enjoy our new and improved starter packs for half price now! According to your killer style, choose your favorite: Starter Pack, Chicken Pack, Heavy Pack or Premium Pack.



Jul 15, 2014 What´s new in long expected and rich Dead Trigger 2 TOURNAMENT Update:

1) TOURNAMENTS Become a legend, earn unbelievable prizes and play as for your life.

We've prepared a uniques tournament for every weekend. Show us how good fighter you are, show us what strategy you'll pick and how many zombie you'll send to the ground.

Get ready people, here they come. Join warriors from all around the world and fight in the Arena under custom gladiator rules.

We are beginning this week in new Purgatory Arena

2) NEW PURGATORY ARENA We've build bright new arena called Purgatory, entirely dedicated to tournaments hosting. Prepare yourself for new challenges, new environments and new bizarre traps like Impaling Spikes and Gallows Ropes.

Do you want to play it? Unlock Tech Rank 5 and jump straight in.

3) STORY CAMPAIGN update Are you hungry after new adventure? New plot based campaign takes place in Europe Continue the search of the Red One and the origins of the mutation As a bonus the old story campaigns are now open and replayable

4) OIL FIELD Great news amigo! This oil field is under our control and will earn money over time. Tap it to collect the yield. Remember, the mine has limited capacity, so check it regularly.


These weapons are not for kids. Well thought, powerful weapons, which will silence a zombie in no time.

METAL STORM - Welcome in 22th century. Unleash the storm of projectiles. AREA-51 GUN - Origin unknown, deadliness immense, disintegrates the target in a second.

Exclusively in the DT2 shop. In future updates you can get these weapons directly within the game.

6) NEW ENVIRONMENTS - hunt the walkers across the University - dangerous Jungle - cruel Arctic - busy Airport

7) IMPROVED WORLD MAP - features enhanced visuals and improved handling - new icons - info options

8) MASSIVE CONTENT - 9 regions - 30 unique environments - 33 kinds of weapons - more than 600 gameplay scenarios


Join the SPECIAL MISSION, travel the world and earn more money than ever before.

BRING IT ON - refreshing summer update in sight. Get global and fight. New city - new mission - new challenge, every day. On top of that full load of rewards.

We hope you will love it every day.


Sep 1, 2014 1. Siberia: Unlock Tech Rank 10

Are you a HARD CORE player? Brace yourself for new region known as POWER-T10. What’s inside? Unique Hideout skin New weapons from Tech 10, which other players will envy - Winchester 94 + KSG

Enjoy exclusive Siberia PLAY

2. Daily Mission

Everyday a city in need will appear on the world map. Answer the call each time and the reward will be doubled earnings from generic missions. On top of that, with every region new possibilities will open for Daily Mission to spawn.

Travel, discover and earn wastelander.

3. Daily Challenges

Are you ready for new challenges? Every single day? Your mentors from the Hideout do know that and prepared special challenges just for you. Beat the challenge - Earn the Gold, simple as the headshot from sniper rifle.

Join the fray right now.

4. Enhanced Friend Interaction

We know you are playing Dead Trigger 2 with friends, so here it comes, crystal clear friends activity monitoring.

Simple, user friendly and sane displaying of friends statistics, watching of their game progress, easy visiting of their Hideout, easy direct communications, intuitive invitation of new friends, customizable filters, clear listing and organizing, and much much more ...

More friends, more slain zombies, more fun

5) other small news

Enhanced FB support. Easier sharing with you friends Arena Rebalance - Enjoy more intense arena matches Tournaments Cheater free - Facebook arena disabled, because of anti-cheater policy. Please enjoy tournaments on all mobile platforms



Oct 29, 2014 Halloween Birthday Party UPDATE

Celebrate the First Anniversary of DT2 with an insane Halloween Party, come and unwrap your presents!

Birthday fun A Halloween surprise from the zombies. Hurry up, you can only shoot them from Oct. 24th to Nov. 11th. You'll find your special b-day gift in your hideout from Oct. 24th to Nov. 17th.

Hideout Decorations

Make some home improvements to your hideout with some non-traditional decorations, like a zombie aquarium, guitar, carpet, sofa, pool table, beverage vending machine, beach chair, zombie basketball hoop, gym set, a zombie in a cage, mounted zombie head trophies, drums, bathtub with a rubber duckie... and many more items... What will you choose first?

The Slot Machine is back

We've listened to your requests and have brought the Slot Machine fun back. Only you can decide how much gold you'll win.

Wild West Pack

An exclusive package for true connoisseurs of classic fire arms.

Coach Shotgun The double barreled hammer for point-blank fire. With hole in the chest no walker walks again.

Dual Peacemaker Old wild west classic, unload or die. Face the walkers with Stetson on head and Peacemakers in hands.

Winchester 94 This Wild West period repeating beauty kills with style anywhere in the Wasteland.

Builder Rush Booster

Accelerates the building of barricades and the preparation of traps. You can find the Builder Rush Booster in the Arena in the LuckyBox.

Easy sharing of your video from the Tournament

Become an overnight star via YouTube.

We've perfected the options for sharing videos of your super game performance as well as the possibilities for becoming recognized LPs. Just click on the "Share video on Everyplay" button after completing a mission, WF or tournament.

External game controllers are temporary unavailable on iOS 8 (still works on iOS 7). We are working hard to solve this issue and bring back you this amazing game experiences as soon as possible.



Jan 14, 2015 The Carnage UPDATE

Come and celebrate Carnage on Dead Trigger 2

More revelations in the new story sequel

The search continues, as the trail leads to South America. Uncover the secrets on SUPREME who commands the Black Coats. They must all pay for what they have done. Are you ready for a trip to South America?

Zen Arena - new brutal burial ground for zombies

Heroes and champions, the time has come to reveal the true art of killing in the new ZEN Arena. This uniquely designed arena requires a unique approach to the spread of death. Try hard and you will be rewarded. Check out the new and original, rotary-blade trap, zombies and viewers will love it. Let the death meditations begin!

Newly available weapons

AK-74 We all know it, we all love it, we all must have it!

Katana /New!/ You can exact death on the undead with this dignified instrument of timeless tradition.

Butterfly An original weapon for performing facelifts on zombies with a thing for plastic surgery.

New levels on an airplane and a nuclear power plant

Death is in the air again. Now you can throw down in the special airplane level. Fasten your seatbelts. Leave atom smashing to the engineers, get focused on smashing zombie heads in the nuclear power plant.



Feb 13, 2015 Valentine's Day Heart Attack Update
***Special Valentine's offer - WILD WEST PACK for just 4.99 USD **

Enjoy a special theme during the Valentine's Day weekend!

Valentine's decorations - style changes to the visuals of your favorite game that your beloved ones will admire.

Game improvements and difficulty balancing.

Optimization across the board for all devices - more comfortable gameplay and more room for fun!



Apr 11, 2015 Easter Carnage Update

Come and celebrate exciting Eastern Carnage of Dead Trigger 2.

Easter gifts & decorations New tournament tour at China's Great Wall Permanent application of all current discounts Plenty of improvements for best performance of all devices



Jun 5, 2015 Enjoy Summer Update
  • M.A.D. Virus European Tournaments
  • New improvements for best performance of all devices
  • New rewards system
  • Unlocking new regions for tournaments
  • Improving message relevancy based on player's activity
  • Reward for the update

Every update of Dead Trigger 2 includes improvements for performance and reliability to make your game better for you.



Apr 15, 2016 New Tournaments:

Duel Tournaments: Choose your side and fight for your team (Dark side vs. Light side, Police vs. Thieves etc.)

  • Headshots Star Tournament: Score as many headshots as you can
  • Hunter Tournament: How many zombies can you trap?
  • Gandhí Tournament: Survive in the arena as long as possible without killing
  • Sprinter Tournament: Run the greatest distance
  • Carnage Tournament: Show off your brutality and shoot zombies only in the limbs and heads
  • New leaderboards for tournaments tours - cumulative scores, new prizes

Many new deadly weapons: Viking Sword, Sten Mk II Silencer, Mauser C96, XM8 and more