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Guns and melee weapons are the main weapons used in Dead Trigger 2. They consist of Melee Weapons, Handguns, Submachine Guns, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Rifles, Machine Guns, and Special Weapons. They all have varying damage, accuracy, clip sizes, and ranges.

Most weapons require pieces of blueprints to be unlocked for the Gunsmith to build. The pieces required to unlock them range from two pieces (Knife) to eight (Minigun). Blueprints are dropped from most Special zombies. Tech level limits weapons that can be unlocked via blueprint.

Unlike in Dead Trigger 1, weapons have a set value for movement speed. These values can range from 100% to roughly 70%.

Movement speeds (information is an estimate):

100% - CZ 75, Dual Glock, MP5K, Scorpion EVO

95% - Wrench, Knife, Dual Uzi, Dual Peacemaker

90% - Machete, Studded Bat, Crowbar, Butterfly, Katana, Desert Eagle, Spagin, Ithaca, Coach Shotgun,
M-16, AK 74, M-4, FN 2000, M1 Garand, Winchester 94, Area-51 Gun,

85% - Axe, Metal Storm, SPAS

80% - Brainmill, Chainsaw, SCAR, Crossbow

75% - Hammer, Jackhammer, KSG, Grenade Launcher

70% - Rocket Launcher, Type 92, Minigun

Melee Weapons Edit

Wrench Description
"Pipes leaking? Use a wrench. Zombies bitching? Use a wrench."
N/A Shop icon 1

Knife Description
"You can still use it for preparing breakfast after slashing Zombies. Just wipe it clean."
20,000 Shop icon 1

Machete Description
"Well balanced sword like weapon, great for cutting through undead jungle."
75,000 Shop icon 1

Studded Bat Description
Studded Bat
"Street gladiator weapon, simple, crude, but damn effective."
140,000 Shop icon 1

Crowbar Description
"Crushing Zombie skull has never been so cool!"
50,000 Shop icon 1

Butterfly Description
"Well balanced sword like weapon, great for cutting through undead jungle."
125,000 Shop icon 1

Axe Description
"Skull splitting evergreen for every Zombie killing Lumberjack. TIMBER!"
175,000 Shop icon 1

Brainmill Description
"This head chopping gadget will carve path through Zombies with relaxing smoothness."
300,000 Shop icon 1

Chainsaw Description
"A fuel-powered classic. Whether you want to cut down trees or Zombie limbs."
450,000 Shop icon 1

Hammer Description
"Reliable bone breaking havoc. Will trample Zombies into the dust. Give them pain."
450,000 Shop icon 1

Katana Description
"Draw upon the power of KI and cut through walkers with style."
1,250,000 Shop icon 1

Viking Swords Description
Viking Swords
Steel as cold as a viking's heart. Useful when you want to smash your enemies with brutal power.
? Shop icon 1

Z-Hunter Machetes Description
Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? Not until you have packed these two monsters.
? Shop icon 1

KM2000 Description
' Shop icon 1

Handguns Edit

CZ 75 Description
CZ 75
"Standard side-arm. Pretty accurate, but it won't take them so easily."
N/A Shop icon 1

Dual Glock Description
Dual Glock
"You can make a solid mess with a single Glock. This here is akimbo!"
12,000 Shop icon 1

Desert Eagle Description
Desert Eagle
"Iconic side-arm. Don't worry about aiming too much, it's like pocket howitzer."
200,000 Shop icon 1

Dual Mauser C96 Description
"This famous WW2 pistol comes in a DUAL package for double the trouble."
? Shop icon 1

LAR Grizzly Description
"This Modified Colt M1911 delivers death quickly and accurately to all of your foes."
? Shop icon 1

Dual Peacemakers Description
"Old wild west classic, unload or die. Face the walkers with Stetson on head and Peacemakers in hands."
300,000 Shop icon 1

Dual Rhino 60DS Description
' Shop icon 1

Submachine Guns Edit

MP5K Description
"THE TERM between SMGs. Was used by almost all special forces back in the day."
1,000 Shop icon 1

Dual Uzi Description
Dual Uzi
"Spraying bullets around has never been easier. Mr. Woo would be proud!"
125,000 Shop icon 1

Scorpion EVO Description
Scorpion EVO
"Czech SMG with surprising accuracy, easy manipulation and modern design. Adorable."
375,000 Shop icon 1

Dual MAT 49 Description
"Compact French submachine gun. Grab two of these and prove your worth among the other survivors."
? Shop icon 1

MP 40 Description
"Found in a trench in the hands of a dead soldier. Refurbished and ready for action."
? Shop icon 1

PP-19 Bizon Description
"Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee."
? Shop icon 1

Spagin Description
"Soviet SMG from World War II. This piece was treated with intensive care, thus it still runs like a Swiss watch."
500,000 Shop icon 1

Sten Mk II Silenced Description
"Sneaky Joe died in an attempt to end WW2 prematurely with this machine gun. It jammed. This version is far improved."
? Shop icon 1

KRISS Vector Tactical Description
? Shop icon 1

P90 Description
? Shop icon 1

Shotguns Edit

Ithaca Description
"Traditional pump-action fun. Favorite choice of police officers and Zombie killers."
5,000 Shop icon 1

Jackhammer Description
"With automatic reloading, you don’t have to pump - just focus on loving this gun!"
280,000 Shop icon 1

SPAS Description
"Perfect combat shotgun. When you prefer pumping, but still looking for a bit more firepower."
450,000 Shop icon 1

KSG Description
KSG (Dead Trigger 2)
"Modern generation pump action shotgun Havoc. Use with care in front of zombie lair."
1,125,000 Shop icon 1

Coach Shotgun Description
Coach Shotgun
"The double barreled hammer for point-blank fire. With hole in the chest no walker walks again."
750,000 Shop icon 1

Assault Rifles Edit

M-16 Description
"Sir, yes sir! Totally must-have for all army lovers."
6,000 Shop icon 1

AK 74 Description
AK 74
"Legendary assault rifle - cheap looks, but trusty firepower."
60,000 Shop icon 1

M-4 Description
"Assault carbine that will make every Zombie suffer slowly and painfully."
245,000 Shop icon 1

SCAR Description
"US Army proven combat assault rifle. Deadly and precise."
450,000 Shop icon 1

FN 2000 Description
FN 2000
"Get tactical with this advanced hi-tech assault rifle. The next level of Zombie killing."
800,000 Shop icon 1

XM8 Description
"Assault rifle packed with modern tech that can deliver bursts with perfect accuracy."
? Shop icon 1

Metal Storm Description
Metal Storm
"Welcome in 22th century. Unleash the storm of projectiles able to punch through multiple enemies."
900,000 Shop icon 1

Taurus CT G2 Description
' Shop icon 1

SA80 Description
? Shop icon 1

Steyr Aug Description
? Shop icon 1

Tavor TAR-21 Description
? Shop icon 1

Rifles Edit

M1 Garand Description
M1 Garand
"Amazingly accurate rifle from World War II era that has stood the test of time."
70,000 Shop icon 1

Winchester 94 Description
Winchester 94
"The Winchester 94 is a lever-action rifle which became one of the most famous and popular hunting rifles."
1,000,000 Shop icon 1

Machine Guns Edit

Type 92 Description
Type 92
"Japanese heavy machine gun. No one can stand such a shower of bullets, right?"
450,000 Shop icon 1

Minigun Description
Minigun (Dead Trigger 2)
"You know what this gun represents - absolute RAMPAGE!"
1,100,000 Shop icon 1

Lewis Description
? Shop icon 2

Mac M1931 Description
? Shop icon 1

Special Weapons Edit

Crossbow Description
Crossbow (Dead Trigger 2)
"Time to go hunting! Just make sure your trophy is really dead before hanging it on the wall."
50,000 Shop icon 1

Grenade Launcher Description
Grenade Launcher (Dead Trigger 2)
"Annoyed by those Zombie crowds? Then make yourself some space with this darling."
225,000 Shop icon 1

Rocket Launcher Description
Rocket Launcher
"Four homing incendiary projectiles make this rocket launcher a delicate thing. Turn into a tank!"
350,000 Shop icon 1

Area-51 Gun Description
Area-51 Gun
"Origin unknown, deadliness immense, will disintegrate the target in a second."
1,100,000 Shop icon 1

MGL-140 Description
"Bulky grenade launcher packed with devasting firepower to obliterate your enemies"
' Shop icon 1

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