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About Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is an action/first-person shooter game. It is situated in a post-apocalyptic zombie period. Players will fight through hordes of the undead and while doing so they will receive money and gold to improve their arsenal.

NOTICE: The Dead Trigger 2 Wiki is updated to include all information about the Storyline, Data on all Weapons, Items, and Character Upgrades. Pages are constantly being modified for better presentation. This wiki covers the iOS, Android, Mac, and PC versions, so not all articles will be suited specifically to either's statistics.


  • Ysbert

    DT2 Christmas 2014 update

    December 15, 2014 by Ysbert

    The update will is currently in review by Apple. It will most likely be released in a few days.

    • New story missions in South America
    • New Arena: Zen Garden (name not confirmed)
      • New trap: a rotating pole …

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Survival tip: Look both sides when crossing a street. Better yet, watch your back.
To-Do List
  • Create, complete, & polish all pages for Dead Trigger 2.
    • Weapons
    • Items
    • Characters
    • Missions
  • Add high quality photos to all required pages.
  • Update Dead Trigger 2 upgrade prices for affected weapons.
  • Categorize all pages accordingly.



Hello! Its been an EXTREMELY long time guys. I apologize on behalf of the staff for the long absence. As you can see, our last update to the community has been almost a year. I just wanted to let whoever reads this to know that I and a couple admins are still here. We just edit occasionally; in my case, I lurk often, so feel free to message me and I will get back to you. Anyways, I'm here to announce the release of 1.0.4 for Dead Trigger 2! MFG has updated their game, but updates have honestly been few and far in-between. Please expect the wiki to once again be updated as well to reflect the newest changes in the game. However, due to our busy schedules, us admins would kindly encourage anyone to help edit and improve the wiki for the experience of many others. Inc1t3Ful (talk) 04:48, June 15, 2016 (UTC)


  • PLEASE NOTE: The values this Wiki has for upgrades, damage, and prices have been changed via the 0.4.0 update. We are still in the process of working this out, but bare with us as we try and get the correct numbers. Thanks!
  • There is now a forum in the DeadTrigger Wiki! Join discussions with fellow users here!
  • We are accepting new poll ideas from Dead Trigger players! Please share your questions and ideas here! Yours just might be featured on our monthly poll!
    • EDIT: I will update polls as often as I can. As of now, you can still continue to suggest ideas! Inc1t3Ful (talk) 04:48, June 15, 2016 (UTC)

Recent Activity

  • discussion page Talk:Grenade Launcher (Dead Trigger 2)
    new comment by NekoKaren 5 days ago
    Comment: The new MGL is wayyy more overpowered than this. Normal MGL ammo pickups are between 3 and more grenades, while this just only 1. MGL has 36 nades,...
  • discussion page Talk:Scienfist
    new comment by NekoKaren 5 days ago
    Comment: Well, Unkilled's version is much more OP as they can also do an attack that emits radiation all over the place no matter how far the player is...
  • discussion page Talk:Boom Chicken
    new comment by A Wikia contributor
    Comment: for me the chicken just went somewhere and it did not die i dont know how . I got to know that it did not die is because u cant have more than one...
  • edit Vomitron
    edited by Erron Black diff
    Summary: Abilities:
  • discussion page Talk:Dead Trigger 2:Weapons
    new comment by A Wikia contributor
    Comment: Katana has higher damage, longer range. Butterf;y swords have better attack rate.
  • discussion page Talk:Kamikaze
    edited comment by Inc1t3Ful diff
  • discussion page Talk:Kamikaze
    new comment by A Wikia contributor
    Comment: Interesting theory you got there haha its just that it sounds extremely farfetched and strange why humans would want to test that. The fact that its...
  • discussion page Talk:Kamikaze
    new comment by A Wikia contributor
    Comment: I have a theory for Kamikaze. He is not FAT, remember The Walking Dead episode when they found an infected in well. He was also fat cuz water got in...
  • discussion page Talk:Panzer
    new comment by A Wikia contributor
    Comment: and dodger has much bigger balls than rager
  • discussion page Deleting some unused images.
    comment by Inc1t3Ful


    Hello! Some time ago I requested the elimination of some images. Now I have some links, could you please del... 



    Man. I just realised I just got to this... over a year late. I remember seeing this and making a mental note to do so. Guess I never did. We... 

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