Dr. Adamos
Dr. Adamos Portrait DT2
AffiliationsChina CDC
Deathmission Autopsy; most likely killed by The First One

Dr. Adamos is a character in Dead Trigger 2 and is a scientist working for the Centers for Disease Control, known as CDC, located in China. He is the second scientist in the game.

The RevealEdit

Dr. Adamos first appears in the mission "Office Rat" and he was found in a locker with the First One trying to get him. In the mission "Great Escape", he was sent to a chopper from CDC roof with Kyle.

Part TwoEdit

Dr. Adamos was a scientist before the outbreak. He was studying about the viruses and the clues. The CDC building was a laboratory and office communicating around the world. Adamos lost a lot of his friends and colleagues in CDC office.

In the last autopsy mission in the China campaign he is the one performing the autopsy on the First One along with Herman. He dies when the main character (who's protecting him in the escort mission) leaves the area to check on the explosion.

When the character comes back to check on the autopsy progress Adamos can be seen lying dead in a blood pool next to the autopsy table. Herman can be seen sitting in the adjacent corner. The First One has disappeared.


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