Dr. McGuffin
The Doctor's ID.
Vital statistics
Full name: Merek McGuffin
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Age: Unknown, likely late 30's to 40's
Location: Universtity
Occupation: Scientist
Status: Deceased
Weapon: None
Dr. McGuffin was a scientist working on finding a cure. He was researching at his lab.


Old College Try!Edit

The Hero is sent to find Doctor McGuffin's office in the University commons. He does not find McGuffin, instead, he finds blood, and letters written by him. After killing many Zombies, The Hero comes across the Doctor's Day Planner, then locates his Diary. Once he finds his belongings and research, the Hero leaves.


  • His first name, Merek, is likely named after the CEO of Madfinger Games, a.s. ,Marek Rabas.
  • He has a daughter named Lucy.
  • The image on his ID is a cropped image of Marek Rabas.
  • In his day planner, there are Easter Eggs, which refer to Madfinger support team about Shadowgun.

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