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Dual Peacemaker
Dual Peacemaker
☣ Weapon Statistics ☣
Based on:Colt Single Action Army
6912 (fully upgraded - Mk 10)
Attack rateDual Peacemaker Attack Rate
Rate of fireDual Peacemaker Attack Rate
RangeDual Pacemakers Range
Magazine size12 in magazine
  • 84 in reserve
  • Up to 14 received via pickup
Fire modeSingle-Action
Dual Peacemaker-icon

"Old wild west classic, unload or die. Face the walkers with Stetson on head and Peacemakers in hands."
—Game Description
The Dual Peacemakers are dual-wielded revolvers in Dead Trigger 2.

Overview Edit

Summary Edit


Pros & ConsEdit

Plusico High damage and reserve ammo, good accuracy
Minusico Low rate of fire, slower reload time compared to other handguns

☣ UpgradesEdit

Mark Price Damage Instant finish Time
Mark 6 Money DT2 210,000 547 Gold DT2 367 2 Days
Mark 7 Money DT2 300,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 ? Gold DT2 430 2 Days 12 Hours
Mark 8 Money DT2 450,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 ? Gold DT2 494 3 Days
Mark 9 Money DT2 600,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 ? Gold DT2 557 3 Days 12 Hours
Mark 10 Money DT2 750,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 6,912 Gold DT2 589 3 Days 18 Hours

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • They have the same firing sound as the Walther P99.
  • Very interestingly, Kyle only loads two bullets into each Peacemaker when it is not full. He also does not seem to eject the spent casings after firing.

References Edit

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