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OccupationResistance messenger
AffiliationsEuropean Resistance
BirthUnknown, aged likely early 30s to mid 40s

"Oh man! That's what I call critical supplies!"
—Eddie's last words
Eddie is a survivor in Dead Trigger 2. He is introduced in the mission, "Enjoy Your Stay", of the Europe story campaign.

Pre ApocalypseEdit

Nothing is know about him prior to the zombie breakout.

Post ApocalypseEdit

He is a messenger and a member of the European Resistance. He was met by Kyle on the mission, "Enjoy Your Stay", in the airport. He became an ally to Kyle for some time. Eddie died in the mission "Uninvited Guest" after being killed by a group of zombies. Before his death, he was last seen drinking a bottle of whiskey next to a truck outside TNT's private party.


He wears a deset terrain camouflage with a scarf around his neck. On his right chest pocket is a patch saying "Kpt. Zombie Busters".


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