Enjoy Your Stay
Kyle's helicopter about to land on the area.
Objective:Make contact with the Resistance messenger.
Location:an airport in England

"Hi, the name's Eddie. Stay close and you'll be alright."
—Eddie's first words to Kyle
Enjoy Your Stay is the first mission of Europe campaign in Dead Trigger 2.


Kyle is tasked to land in England to find a Resistance messenger. Aboard the helicopter while manning a mounter machine gun, Kyle must clear the way from zombies in order to land on the area safely. After landing on the area, Kyle must find his way through the wrecked airport and search for the anonymous messenger. After passing through some bloody hallways, Kyle encounters a Panzer punching a metal roll-up door. Once the Panzer is killed, Kyle sees a man in a brown coat, which was revealed to be the messenger, named Eddie. They find their way out of the airport through the sewers.


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