The Explosive Barrels are objects that are presented in Dead Trigger 1 and 2 maps. Barrels can explode when you shot at them and can damage or kill zombies in their blast radius.

In Dead Trigger 1 they appear in all maps, though they do not appear in the Arena. They can kill all zombies within its radius, even the Hulk Zombie.

In Dead Trigger 2 they appear in almost all the maps, even in the Arena, They act in the same way as in DT1.


  • The barrel can explode if a police zombie or a Vomitron spit hits the barrel.
    • It can kill the player if he is close enough.
  • The barrel will also explode if hit by a bolt from the Crossbow in DT1.
  • In Dead Trigger 2 the blast radius was incremented.
    • Like the Golden Pigs, its health gets incremented when the virus mutates.

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