Fat Zombie
DT2 Fat zombie
☣ Zombie Statistics ☣
Appearances* USA
WeaponsMelee and metal pipe
HealthVery low
OccupationNone; Civilian

The Fat Zombie is a variation of the Zombies in Dead Trigger 2.

Appearance Edit

The Fat Zombie wears a blue dark shirt with little white stars on it, a pair of gray jeans with a black belt and a pair of brown shoes. He has a large body.


The Fat Zombie shares all the abilities that the usual zombies have, ability to crawl, jump and attack the player. He can sprint while carrying the metal pipes. ( Sometimes not). The metal pipes deal more damage and have more range.


The Fat Zombie, like all zombies, is more vulnerable when shot in the head.

Strategy Edit

  • Shoot to its head to deal the highest damage.
  • Use guns and some suitable melee weapons to disable their limbs in order to kill it easier:
  1. Disable their arms so they will pause for a moment and won't be able to attack.
  2. Disable their legs to make them become crawlers ( Slow moving speed, will die immediately when try to crawl under gates or climb over barricades).
  • Use the advantage of explosives ( Red barrels, Frag Grenades, Triple Mine,...).
  • Use the advantage of the environment ( The holes caused by anti-aircraft guns on the Airplane map,... ).
  • Use the advantages of other Special Zombies' attacks ( Vomitron's spit, Rager's sprinting attack,...).

Gallery Edit

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