First Steps
Library Menu Icon DT2
The Library
Objective:Get inside the Library
Map:Library (Exterior)</td></tr></table></div>

First Steps is the first mission in Dead Trigger 2's USA Campaign.


  • Get inside the Library
  • Continue along the walkway
  • Clear area of Zombies
  • Get past the yard
  • Refill Ammo
  • Someone is inside! Get in quickly!


Kyle arrives at an alley after it appears his truck ran out of gas. He walks towards a Library, running into Zombies on his way. He takes out his CZ 75 pistol to kill a few after falling off the walkway. After refilling his ammo from an Ammo Box, he hears gunfire inside the Library, and heads inside.


  • This mission takes place two years after the last mission in Dead Trigger.
  • This is the first mission of Dead Trigger 2.
  • As of the 0.6.0 update, this mission is no longer available due to the revamp of the first four missions in the USA campaign.

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