For the grenade in DT2, see Frag Grenade (Dead Trigger 2).
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Frag Grenade
Frag Grenade
☣ Item Statistics ☣
Amount per purchase:6
PriceShop icon 1600

"A traditional grenade filled with metal shrapnel. Nasty!"
—In-game description
The Frag Grenade is an item in Dead Trigger.


Frag grenades are one of the cheapest items in the game. They are priced at 6 for $600. They are one of the most powerful items in the game, and they can take out the toughest of zombies. The only major setback with this item is the low blast radius, compared to other explosive items like the Mine. Should the grenade be thrown and misses a zombie, the grenade will roll around on the floor for 1.5 seconds before detonation. Should the grenade be thrown and hits a zombie, the grenade will instantly explode.



  • The Frag grenade, has the same exploding effect of the Alien gun. The only difference is their colour. This is probably due to the developers decision in replicating the effect.
  • The Frag grenade's explosion looks like a pulse through the air.
  • This is a picture of a M61 grenade.
  • Should the grenade be thrown straight up in the air, upon reaching the ground, it results in an instant detonation.