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"Throw it into a crowd of Zombies and watch them fly."
—In-game description

Frag Grenade
Frag Grenade (Dead Trigger 2)
☣ Item Statistics ☣
Effect:Explodes seconds after throwing or instantly upon impact with a target
Amount per purchase:Varies per upgrade
Limit per game:20
PriceVaries per upgrade

The Frag Grenade is an explosive item in Dead Trigger 2.



The Frag Grenade is cheapest explosive in the game. Grenades are useful in dealing with Special Zombies and hordes that catch the player in a tight situation such as when reloading.


Mark Damage Upgrade Cost Instant upgrade Upgrade Time Build Cost Instant build Build Time
Mark 1 45 N/A N/A N/A Money DT2 150 (1x) Gold DT2 1 10 Seconds
Mark 2 Upgrade Marks DT2 90 Money DT2 1,000 Gold DT2 2 10 Minutes Money DT2 200 (2x) Gold DT2 1 1 Minute
Mark 3 Upgrade Marks DT2 180 Money DT2 5,000 Gold DT2 11 30 Minutes Money DT2 250 (2x) Gold DT2 2 2 Minutes
Mark 4 Upgrade Marks DT2 360 Money DT2 20,000 Gold DT2 20 1 Hour Money DT2 300 (3x) Gold DT2 2 3 Minutes
Mark 5 Upgrade Marks DT2 720 Money DT2 35,000 Gold DT2 30 2 Hours Money DT2 350 (3x) Gold DT2 2 4 Miuntes
Mark 6 Upgrade Marks DT2 1440 Money DT2 50,000 Gold DT2 40 3 Hours Money DT2 500 (3x) Gold DT2 3 5 Minutes
Mark 7 Upgrade Marks DT2 2880 Money DT2 70,000 Gold DT2 49 4 Hours Money DT2 800 (4x) Gold DT2 ? 7 Minutes
Mark 8 Upgrade Marks DT2 5760 Money DT2 100,000 Gold DT2 ? 6 Hours Money DT2 1,200 (4x) Gold DT2 4 9 Minutes
Mark 9 Upgrade Marks DT2 11,520 Money DT2 130,000 Gold DT2 87 8 Hours Money DT2 1,600 (4x) Gold DT2 5 11 Minutes
Mark 10 Upgrade Marks DT2 23,040 Money DT2 180,000 Gold DT2 107 10 Hours Money DT2 2,000 (4x) Gold DT2 5 13 Minutes



  • The Frag Grenade, like all other explosives, deal no damage to the player even when within the blast radius of the grenade.
  • The Frag Grenade is based on the M26 Frag.

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