Frino Zombie
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OccupationConstruction worker

The Frino Zombie is a variation of the zombie.


The Frino Zombie appears as an Engineer. He wears a suit with two reflective straps over his shoulders, two shirt pockets, two more reflective straps on his forearms, a belt, another two on each lower calf, and boots. His hands are covered in blood, and his jaw is stained with blood too. His eyes are also green, but can also appear red, or a purple variant.


This walker is one of the basic zombies. He can do most of what the others can do, except spit, and sometimes, sprint.


This zombie is vulnerable to all weapons, items, and environmental elements.


  • His name comes from the emblem on his back that says "Frino".
  • Roberto worked with "Frino" before the apocalypse, as indicated by his alternately coloured Frino jumpsuit.