Great Escape
The Titan noticed the survivors
Objective:Escape with the survivor
Enemies:Zombies, Titan
Location:An unknown building

Great Escape is the third mission of the USA campaign in Dead Trigger 2. This is also the last tutorial level of the game.

Warningico Spoiler warning: This page contains major plot details, read at your own risk!

Objectives Edit

  • Escape from the area
  • Follow the survivor
  • Make your way to the roof
  • Find a key to Roof Acess door
  • Meet the survivor on the roof
  • Get to the survivor's car

Summary Edit

The mission starts out with Kyle and Tara in a building after entering a door at the previous level. Tara asked Kyle to follow her and get out of here. Kyle and Tara then went through a small corridor where they met their biggest fear, the Titan. The Titan then broke the giant window located at the top of the building to search for the two survivors. Tara then asked Kyle to go with her to the right. Suddenly, the floor collapsed while Kyle was walking and the two are separated. Then they decided to meet each other on the roof. On the first floor, Kyle/the player is advised to shoot the red barrel to kill the zombies. Kyle made his way to second floor until he met the ammo box and the player is given instruction how to use it. The Roof Acess door is located on the third floor but it was locked so Kyle had to find a key. While Kyle was going back to look for the key, the wooden door nearby was kicked out by a zombie. Kyle then killed the zombie and entered the room where an infected sat. Kyle then found the key from the infected body and went through the Roof Acess door with the key. Kyle/the player is told to shoot the Golden Pig appeared near the lockers. Kyle then got out of the building and met Tara next to her car. The two got in the car and escaped the doom of the Titan.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first level the player can be hit by the Titan. (The Titan's hand)
  • The Titan also has some unique attacks in this level.

Gallery Edit

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