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For the launcher in Dead Trigger 2, see Grenade Launcher (Dead Trigger 2).
Grenade Launcher
Grenade Launcher
☣ Weapon Statistics ☣
Based on:Milkor MGL
Range50 m
Magazine size5
Fire modeSemi-Automatic
Unlock rankRank4
PriceShop icon 2240

"Who's a survivor's best friend in a world full of zombies? A dog? A woman? A book? Nope, not even close... A grenade launcher, with a buddy like this, life is a non-stop party( if you like partying in the slaughterhouse that is)"
—Game Description
The Grenade Launcher is a Launcher.



The grenade launcher is a drum-fed weapon capable of decimating a horde of zombies in seconds. It features a front grip for more stability. It fires off grenades, which will detonate when it hits the zombie body or later if one fails to hit the zombie's body. If properly used, this weapon is able to kill up to 6 Zombies (the maximum zombies can spawn in game map) with one shot. If this weapon is fully upgraded, it is capable of downing smaller Boss zombies in as little as 3 grenades. This gun easily kills the SWAT zombie as it disregards the armor and damages it as it would to a normal zombie.

The weapon features no fully functional iron sights. Instead, it has empty grooves. The Grenade Launcher also sports a front grip, which assists in the weapon's high accuracy. The trajectory of the projectile of the weapon is similar to that of the Crossbow, which curves down the farther the projectile flies.

The grenades fired from the Launcher have a fairly similar - if not identical - radius of a normal handheld Frag Grenade that affects any and all nearby Zombies. The grenades fired do not harm or kill the player if it is fired close to the player. When the character reloads, he flips open the drum, dumps the shells, and replaces all grenades in one swift move.

The grenade launcher will not reward you any money bonuses (head-shots, removed limbs and disintegrations). The game will reward you only by money drops, and missions bonuses when using the Grenade Launcher. This gun is suitable as a secondary weapon.


The Grenade Launcher has three tiers to upgrade to. With the initial purchase and upgrades, this gun is priced at a grand total of 240 Gold and $285,000.

Tier Price Damage Accuracy Clip Range Starting Ammo Rank to Unlock
First Tier Shop icon 140,000 330 100 6 50 32 14
Second Tier Shop icon 185,000 580 100 7 50 23
Third Tier Shop icon 1160,000 1,000 100 8 50 33 32

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Trivia Edit

  • Prior to its actual reveal, it was commonly speculated to be a grenade launcher.
  • It was revealed to be a grenade launcher on 12/10/12 on Dead Trigger's Facebook page.
  • In game, the weapon is abbreviated to GRND. LAUNCHER.
  • This is the second weapon to cost Gold and Money to buy and upgrade, after the Crossbow.
  • This is the most expensive weapon to buy in gold.
  • This is the first explosive wieldable weapon added to Dead Trigger, and the fourth explosive weapon overall, the other three being the Bait Grenade, the Mini-Mortar and Frag Grenade.

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