Gunsmith Tuesday is an event held every Tuesday, by Madfinger Games on their Facebook page and website.


GT poster

The event is mainly an interview with the Gunsmith, Buck Andrews, along with Arena commentator, T.N.T., in his show entitled "Guns and Guts, The Real Story". 

The event begins with a back story about the gun-for-the-week, either narrated by Buck or TNT. The backstory is always about a heroic deed done by some person during the zombie outbreak using the gun, which usually ends up in a happy ending, collateral damage, or their tragic demise. Then Buck will be describing the gun, on how it works, how strong is it and if it is reliable, while insulting him and calling him a "punk" or a "freak". Buck also curses TNT, which is replaced by a bleep censor. In the latest episodes, Buck seems to find joy in threatening TNT and trying to kill him (accidentally shooting him with the M-16, shooting his hair with the M1 Garand, Pointing the Machete at his neck, shooting his eye with a crossbow bolt, and shooting the Dual uzis in front of TNT.). The whole show is held at an abandoned university.

On the FB page and MFG's website, the show will only be shown in transcript and a picture of TNT and with Buck holding the gun-for-the-week, accompanied with an altered Gunsmith Tuesday logo with the gun-for-the-week in the middle.


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  • The background seen in every Gunsmith Tuesday is a map called "University".

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