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"Reliable bone breaking havoc. Will trample zombies into the dust. Give them pain."
—Game Description

☣ Weapon Statistics ☣
Based on:Sledgehammer
Damage2,304 (on purchase - Mk 8)
  • 9,216 (fully upgraded - Mk 10)
Attack rateHammer Attack Rate DT2
RangeHammer Range DT2
Unlock rankTech level 6 (blueprint reveal)
  • Gunsmith level 8 (to build)
  • Blueprints4 pieces
  • Gold DT2 ? to instantly complete
  • PriceMoney DT2 450,000
  • Gold DT2 494 to instantly build
  • Hammericon

    The Hammer is a melee weapon in Dead Trigger 2.

    Overview Edit

    The Sledgehammer is the very last melee weapon to be unlocked. It requires Tech level 6 to reveal the blueprint and Gunsmith level 8 to be built.

    Summary Edit

    The SledgeHammer is the most powerful melee weapon in Dead Trigger 2. However, due to its weight, the attack rate is the slowest of all melee weapons currently present. 

    It resembles a big heavy duty hammer, which would do a lot of damage on its own, but its potential is further increased by iron spikes, added on it. However, as it's heavy the attack rate and movement speed are very slow. Later it may lose its one-hit kill ability and it has to be upgraded.

    Pros & Cons Edit

    Plusico Very high damage and melee range
    Minusico Slow movement speed, very slow attack rate, long charge up required before every swing, small attack radius

    Upgrades Edit

    Mark Price Damage Instant finish Time
    Mark 8 Money DT2 450,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 2,304 Gold DT2 494 3 Days
    Mark 9 Money DT2 600,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 4,608 Gold DT2 557 3 Days 12 Hours
    Mark 10 Money DT2 750,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 9,216 Gold DT2 589 3 Days 18 Hours

    Gallery Edit

    Trivia Edit

    • The Hammer is the strongest melee weapon.
    • The old description was a reference to another Madfinger game, BloodyXmas.
    • This is the only melee weapon that will not grant you any carnage or dismemberment bonus. Avoid using it if you are planning to do a melee-only run since you'll receive lesser reward.