Hank-picHank wielding the crossbow

"So much of his cooperation.. "
—Tara commenting about Hank's death
Hank is a character who appears in the Dead Trigger 2 mission "Tools of the Trade". He stole Buck's toolbox and Kyle is sent to find him.

Pre ApocalypseEdit

Nothing is known about his life before the outbreak. Only that he was with the group of survivors that Kyle is on now.


Hank is responsible for stealing Buck's toolbox. Kyle is sent to find him and retrieve Buck's toolbox. When he almost caught him, Hank tries to run and closes a door in front of Kyle. Then, after he runs away he gets killed by zombies, and Kyle recovers the toolbox from the floor.

He is next seen in Uninvited Guest at T.N.T's party. This is strange due to the fact that he is dead.

Hank wears the same clothes with the male zombie from USA, but wears a half-mask, has a Shadowgun logo on his back, and has similarly pale skin.



  • In older versions of the game he is found dead next to a sign that says "MEET ME IN STUDY ROOM - HANK".
  • Without his mask, his face looks just like a zombie face (as seen in the gallery)


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