1. REDIRECT Template:Infobox/MapThe Haunted Graveyard is a Map that was part of the Halloween update.


This Arena map was released in the 1.6.0 Halloween update on both the Android and iOS. This is a brand new map that replaced Deadly Corridors.

This large map features an indoor mausoleum (underground) and an outdoor area that can be acessed by the stairs to the right of the spawning area of the player and further down the corridor to the right. Above ground features a church/ chapel in the distance with stairs that lead to it but only the first flight of stairs can be accessed, leading directly above the mausoleum. The rest of the stairs to the church is barred off; the fence barring off the road is where the Powerup perk station is located. This map also contains the most spawn points for zombies, mostly located outside. However, most zombies spawn underground, making the usage of the radar very tricky; zombies appear on radar whether actually around, above, or under the player. This map features creepy owl hooting, zombie groaning and scarecrow calls to add to the effect of a scary graveyeard (since it was in an Halloween update). It also features the pumpkin headed zombie.

Like all Arena maps, this map comes with 3 power-up stations. Ammo, Health and a Speed Booster/Damage Booster perk can be bought. The Ammo and Powerup perk can is available from the start without the need to unlock doors; both located above ground. The health station is located underground and a door must be unlocked before usage.


  • This is the first Arena map to feature both indoors and outdoors settings.
  • This map replaced the Deadly Corridors map for unknown reasons.
  • The sky in this map is completely still, unlike the Stadium of Dead, in which the sky background is constantly revolving around the stadium.
  • Haunted Graveyard is also used in one campaign mission, The Revelation

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