Hazmat Zombie
ScientistThe Hazmat Walker
☣ Zombie Statistics ☣
OccupationNBC Employee, presumably a FEMA-based organization employee.

The Hazmat Zombie is a variation of zombie in Dead Trigger.



The Hazmat Zombie appears wearing a Hazmat Suit (Appears to be a Level-B Euro Rating, and sometimes wearing NBC Level-A Euro rating suit). He wears only the suit, gloves, and boots. He has a lot of blood stained on the suit, and blood coming from his mouth, to the suit.


This Zombie has the same abilities as the Female, Male, and Mobster Zombie; he can crawl, mantle, and jump from obstacles. He has no projectile attack, unlike the Police Zombie.


He is vulnerable to all weapons, gadgets, and environmental elements. He can be taken down in as little as one headshot, three bodyshots, and can have limbs removed/ amputated.


  • Due to the Hazmat suit, one can deduce that this person was probably a scientist trying to handle the contamination before he was infected.
  • The Hazmat Zombie was included in the beta version of Dead Trigger 2.

• Every other Hazmat Zombie are to wear gas-masks and inserted boots/gloves, considering it is called "Hazmat", the Hazmat zombie however is violating the basic forms of Hazmat protocol, as his boots isn't part of the suit, which gives the virus an advantage, and giving unwanted agents a way inside.

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