Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2. HEADFLATOR (aka Bubble Head)

The Headflator is a Exotic weapon for Dead Trigger 2.

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The Headflator it is currently not available in the game, but might be added to a future update.

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The Headflator is a powerful weapon, with a special ability to inflate the heads of several enemies, making it useful to kill long lines of enemies in a few shots. This weapon, however, if used to kill a single zombie, is a weapon with scarce ammunition. Its also a close distance weapon so it's needed to get close to a enemy to attack.

It's able to destroy several things like explosive barrels and loudspeakers making it a multiuse weapon.

Overall, the Headflator rises well across the statboard, with range excelling but having a low firecap and magazine.

Pros & ConsEdit

Plusico Strong power, allowing to hit more than one zombie, good damage.
Minusico Close distance needed to attack, low ammunition and magazine.

Upgrades Edit

It's still unknown any updates for the Headflator for now.

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  • The Headflator is probably based on the Dead Trigger power up, Head Flator X1.
  • It's possibly that this weapon is a makeshift flamethower.

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