"Verdammt! Roberto didn't refuel?!"
—Herman to Kyle.

Ulrich DT2
AffiliationsMax Planc Institute researcher (formerly)
BirthUnknown; likely late 50's to mid 60's

Herman Adler is the Scientist in Dead Trigger 2.

Pre ApocalypseEdit

Herman was a researcher at The Max Planc Institute in Munich. The outbreak changed everything. He witnessed his horrified co-workers running around the institute, screaming and dying like rats... Herman managed to escape and has dedicated all his further efforts to increasing the chances of survivors against the black threat.

Post ApocalypseEdit

He managed to hide inside a fridge, where Tara had sent Kyle to find him. He is rescued, and he arrives at the Hideout, where he can upgrade their Tech. He later leaves the Hideout in USA to Africa.

He is featured in the last mission of the China campaign (autopsy). He assists Dr Adamos in the autopsy. In the end of the mission, after the mysterious death of Adamos, Herman can be seen lying against a wall saying "Oh man, We're screwed!". 

He has become a more major character in the European campaign, assisting Kyle in two campaign missions and also briefing Kyle before mission.


Herman is a trustworthy ally and an old man skilled in combat. He can perform an autopsy and has done twice during the outbreak (Missions Autopsy and Revelations). He occasionally talks German, when calling Kyle, "Herr" and greeting with "Sehr Gut". There is also a rumour going on that he has tasted or even eaten his own fecal matter and possibly continues to do that now or in the future.

Upgrading and LevelsEdit

The Scientist can be "upgraded" to produce new blueprints and allow upgrades to all other workers. Upgrading also increases reward for each mission and income from bonuses, collected money etc. Every second level, a platform in the middle of the Hideout increases its size by two new tiles, allowing more produced items to be stocked there before picking them up.

Level Revealed Blueprints Other Price Time Gold to finish faster
  • Money DT2 240
  • Money DT2 500
Money DT2 4,000 10 Minutes Gold DT2 4
  • Money DT2 1,000
  • +2 Platform Size
  • Arena Mode
Money DT2 14,000 6 Hours Gold DT2 68
  • Money DT2 2,000
Money DT2 40,000 1 Day Gold DT2 240
  • Money DT2 3,000
  • +2 Platform Size
  • Tournament Mode
Money DT2 180,000 2 Days Gold DT2 367
  • Money DT2 4,500
Money DT2 320,000 3 Days Gold DT2 494
  • Money DT2 6,000
  • +2 Platform Size
Money DT2 600,000 4 Days Gold DT2 620
  • Money DT2 8,000
Money DT2 1,000,000 5 Days Gold DT2 747
  • Money DT2 10,000
  • +2 Platform Size
Money DT2 1,500,000 6 Days Gold DT2 874
  • Money DT2 12,000
Money DT2 2,000,000 6 Days 16 Hours Gold DT2 958



  • The look of the generator behind Herman and the look of the whole Hideout (walls, floor etc) changes with each Tech upgrade.
  • His old name was "Ulrich".
  • Despite having a German name and having stereotypical 'evil German scientist' mannerisms when briefing the player with text, he speaks like an American.
    • This is changed in the later missions, most notably Suburban Ride where the page quote originates.