FemaleThe Female Zombie model.
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The Female Zombie is a variation of Zombie.



The Female zombie wears a cardigan and skinny jeans. There is a noticeable amount of blood below her mouth. Her cardigan and jeans are roughly the same colour, and she wears a belt. Her eyes are usually not green, rather red, or even orange, rarely is this Zombie ever seen with green eyes, as she is a Special Zombie.


The Female zombie shares all the traits of the other zombies. She can crawl, jump, and attack the player. However, unlike other zombies, once she spots the player, she will begin to sprint, screaming, with her arms flailing around. This often catches the player by surprise. However, should the player manage to outrun the female zombie, she will walk slowly for 10-15 seconds before she starts sprinting again. If the player has the powerup Speed Booster, then it is much easier to avoid a confrontation with this Zombie, as the player cannot outrun her easily without it.


The Female Zombie, like all other zombies, is more vulnerable when shot in the head. Even though she appears skinnier than other zombies, she has more health than others.

Appearances in Dead TriggerEdit

The female Zombie appears early on in the Storyline, and very often in Missions. She does appear in the Arena as well.


  • If the player makes the female zombie into a crawler, if he/she waits long enough he can hear her whimpering.
  • She is the only Zombie that has different vocals.


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