Laser Cutter
Laser Cutter
☣ Item Statistics ☣
Effect:Damages any enemies within range
Amount per purchase:2
Limit per game:2

"The history of mankind is fillled with examples of the best intentions leading to the worst weapons. This, for instance, is a waist-height stone and metal cutter."
—In-game description


The Laser Cutter is an improved version of the Blade Cutter. Instead of two blades spinning, the Laser Cutter uses two laser beams. Unlike the Blade Cutter,the Laser Cutter does not make crawler zombies, instead, it damages and can kill zombies within it's range. The range of the Laser Cutter is significantly longer than the Blade Cutter as well. Each zombie attacked reduces the Laser Cutter's health. When it's health bar reaches zero, the Laser Cutter's laser beams disappear, stop spinning and explodes. The explosion of the Laser Cutter can kill other zombies. 

Trivia Edit

  • The Laser Cutter's health bar is the same one used on defense objectives.
  • The Laser Cutter's model in-game is different from the picture in the shop.
  • The player can block the lasers with their body, while taking no damage. This, however, blocks both lasers, even the one the player isn't touching.

Glitches Edit

  • The Laser Cutter can be damaged when placed beside a door in a defense mission. Each time a laser passes through the door, the game will count the doors as an enemy and damage the Laser Cutter. It has possibly not been patched.