Laser Turret
Lasert 01
☣ Item Statistics ☣
Effect:Kills Zombies when targeted
Amount per purchase:3
Price9Shop icon 2

"An upgraded variation of the classic turret. There is an experimental laser rifle instead of a machine gun plus the motion sensors and auto-tracking are more sensitive."
—In-game description


The Laser turret is a modified and upgraded version of the original Turret. It is priced in gold at 3 for 9, and 2 can be equipped per time in-game. It boasts a laser cannon equipped with 2 Alien gun ammo clips on the side. This is presumably where it gets its ammunition from.

The Laser turret is always a one shot kill on normal zombies, though it might take up to 3 shots to kill a SWAT Zombie. It has a significantly higher ammo capacity compared to the Turret.


  • This item is featured in the 1.5.0 patch.
  • The Laser Turrret has the same greenish ammo clip on its sides, similar to the Alien Gun
  • When the Laser Turret's ammunition is used up, it will explode. This explosion deals the same damage to zombies as the explosive barrel.