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" Herr Zombie Slayer, the conspirators are coming to their end. The information we have gathered over the last few months is now being put to excellent use. The Resistance is organizing a witch-hunt for the Black Coats and we've recieved a personal invitation, from Taco Gyros, himself. Are you ready for a trip to South America? "
Herman Adler before starting the mission
Encounter is the first mission of South America campaign in Dead Trigger 2.




Kyle flies over South America in a public airplane. The plane is losing fuel and Kyle has to release the cargo. When he gets the message that there are zombies on the plane, he has to find a parachute and jump out.

" What a crazy landing, I guess you got shot down. Nevermind, the main thing is you're still kicking. Now we need to get you out of there. Give me a few more minutes, Darlin and I'll find you a safe route. "
Tara Conlan after the mission has completed.



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