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"Assault carbine that will make every Zombie suffer slowly and painfully."
—Game Description

☣ Weapon Statistics ☣
Based on:M4A1
Class:Assault Rifles
Damage365 (on purchase - Mk 6)
5,837 (fully upgraded - Mk 10)
Rate of fireM4 Attack Rate DT2
RangeM4 Range DT2
Fire modeAutomatic
Gunsmith levelTech level 4 (blueprint reveal)
Gunsmith level 6 (to build)
Blueprints4 pieces
Gold DT2 420 to instantly complete
PriceMoney DT2 245,000
Gold DT2 400 to instantly build

The M-4 is an assault rifle in Dead Trigger 2. It is the third assault rifle to be unlocked. It requires Tech level 4 to reveal the blueprint and Gunsmith level 6 to be built. It returns from the original Dead Trigger with a minor name change and different stats and appearance.

Summary Edit

The M-4 is a versatile assault rifle. It has a 30 magazine size with 150 in reserve, and can clean a room of zombies with ease. Even at low levels, it can kill in a few headshots. Its good accuracy also helps at range, even when hip firing.

This weapon is designed for most players, from rushers (high fire rate, big magazine and a fast reload) to marksmen (high accuracy, good power, clear sights), and can be very good when rescuing a survivor during escort missions due to the mentioned pros. The only notable con is that it burns through ammo reserves quickly, but it's not a problem when ammo boxes or ammo chickens are readily available. It also has a slightly lower effective range compared to other assault rifles, but it's still effective at medium ranges.

Tips Edit

  • With its good overall specs, the M4 is very versatile and can be used for just about any mission; this weapon can be paired with most other weapons. However, versatility has a price; the M4 is above average to good in most areas but it doesn't particularly excel in one.
  • This means that most pairings work with the M4. However, heavy weaponry goes very well with the M-4 at high levels due to the number of hordes present, particularly the Minigun and the Rocket Launcher. Precision weapons like the M1 and Desert Eagle are good as well, as are the shotguns, however be prepared with explosives in case of certain specials as those weapons are weak against some specials and that the M-4 is not very efficient at dealing with specials.
  • With its reliability and versatility, the M4 is a highly recommended purchase that will serve a player well for a long time because of its flexibility; it goes well with most weapons and missions.

Pros & Cons Edit

Plusico Good ammo capacity, damage and accuracy
Minusico Shorter range than other assault rifles

Upgrades Edit

Mark Price Damage Instant finish Time
Mark 6 Money DT2 245,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 365 Gold DT2 409 2 Days 8 Hours
Mark 7 Money DT2 350,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 730 Gold DT2 483 2 Days 22 Hours
Mark 8 Money DT2 525,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 1,459 Gold DT2 557 3 Days 12 Hours
Mark 9 Money DT2 700,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 2,918 Gold DT2 631 4 Days 2 Hours
Mark 10 Money DT2 875,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 5,837 Gold DT2 669 4 Days 9 Hours

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Trivia Edit

  • The M-4 is specifically an M4A1 model, according to the print on the magazine.
  • The model of M-4 is based on the M4 from Dead Trigger 1, however, there are some notable changes, such as the lack of the foregrip (although this change doesn't seem to have any effect on its accuracy), and a different writing on the side of the receiver (Now it says S.W.A.T, instead of "Born to kill" from the original Dead Trigger).
  • Although the M4 in Dead Trigger 1 was the first assault rifle to unlock, the M-4 in Dead Trigger 2 takes a fair amount of time to unlock. However, it also has much greater damage. 
  • The M-4 and the SCAR appear to have the same holographic sight.
  • The M-4 is held by Kyle on the log in screen of Dead Trigger 2, although with a different sight.
  • If the player is quick enough, he/she can see that Kyle holds the M-4's magazine with only 2 fingers. (at the start of the M-4's reloading animation)

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