M1 Garand   Winchester 94    
M1 Garand
M1 Garand
☣ Weapon Statistics ☣
Based on:M1 Garand
Damage108 (on purchase - Mk 4)
6,912 (fully upgraded - Mk 10)
Attack rateM1 GARAND Attack Rate Mk 4 DT2
Rate of fireM1 GARAND Attack Rate Mk 4 DT2
RangeM1 GARAND Range Mk 4 DT2
Fire modeSemi-Automatic
Gunsmith levelTech level 4 (blueprint reveal)
Gunsmith level 4 (to build)
Blueprints4 pieces
Gold DT2 350 to instantly complete
PriceMoney DT2 70,000
Gold DT2 200 to instantly build
M1 Garand-icon

"Amazingly accurate rifle from World War II era that has stood the test of time."
—Game Description
The M1 Garand is a rifle in Dead Trigger 2.

Overview Edit

The M1 Garand is the only semi-automatic rifle to be unlocked. Its blueprint is revealed at Tech level 4, and it requires Gunsmith level 4 to be built.

Summary Edit

The M1 Garand has high damage and range which can kill a zombie in one body shot at early levels. The M1 Garand also boasts it's remarkable hip-fire accuracy. It is very good, as it can still kill zombies at long ranges without aiming down the sights. But for consistent performance, it's recommended to aim down the sights.

There are some drawbacks to using the weapon however. Its fire mode is semi-automatic, meaning shots are fired once every time the trigger is pressed. Another flaw is its low clip size and ammunition count. This gun is for players who are accurate, and get rewarded for being accurate. It almost behaves like a sniper rifle, however instead of a scope, there are iron sights.

It is recommended to pair a shotgun or a submachine gun or any close-quarters suited weapon with this gun, since the M1 Garand is designed for long range marksmanship while the paired gun is used for short range shooting.

Pros & Cons Edit

Plusico High damage, accuracy and range
Minusico Low rate of fire, low ammo capacity

Upgrades Edit

Mark Price Damage Instant finish Time
Mark 4 Money DT2 70,000 108 Gold DT2 78 14 Hours
Mark 5 Money DT2 175,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 216 Gold DT2 262 1 Day 4 Hours
Mark 6 Money DT2 245,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 432 Gold DT2 409 2 Days 8 Hours
Mark 7 Money DT2 350,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 864 Gold DT2 483 2 Days 22 Hours
Mark 8 Money DT2 525,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 1,728 Gold DT2 557 3 Days 12 Hours
Mark 9 Money DT2 700,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 3,456 Gold DT2 631 4 Days 2 Hours
Mark 10 Money DT2 875,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 6,912 Gold DT2 669 4 Days 9 Hours

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Trivia Edit

  • It ejects the clip when the bolt is pulled back when all rounds are expended. In real life, the clip will eject with the bolt jolting back, with a "ping" sound.
  • If one is quick enough, one will notice that the amount of bullets visible in the clip when reloading is not consistent with the actual amount of bullets in the clip.

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