Screenshot 2013-06-27-15-51-51

As seen here, the buttons resemble the shoot button

From time to time, if a Zombie approaches the Hero when he is caught offgaurd, a sequence will start where he will grab the Zombie's neck, struggle with it, until fracturing the Zombie with a quick head twist.

The Hero will succeed if all the buttons that appear are pressed quickly without missing any.  The zombie will then be killed and normal gameplay will resume. While this is happening, other zombies can still move, but will not attack until the sequence is over.

If the sequence fails, the Hero will push away the zombie, leaving it unharmed and will take damage.  The now freed Zombie will be capable of inflicting damage right after. Manually decapitating Zombies appears to work on most types of Zombies, including the SWAT Zombie. It treats all zombies the same, with the exception of the Hulk Zombie and the like.

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