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Dead Trigger 2 Edit

Wrench Description
"Pipes leaking? Use a wrench. Zombies bitching? Use a wrench."
N/A Shop icon 1

Knife Description
"You can still use it for preparing breakfast after slashing Zombies. Just wipe it clean."
6,000 Shop icon 1

Machete Description
"Well balanced sword like weapon, great for cutting through undead jungle."
9,000 Shop icon 1

Studded Bat Description
Studded Bat
"Street gladiator weapon, simple, crude, but damn effective."
40,000 Shop icon 1

Crowbar Description
"Crushing Zombie skull has never been so cool!"
50,000 Shop icon 1

Butterfly Description
"Well balanced sword like weapon, great for cutting through undead jungle."
125,000 Shop icon 1

Axe Description
"Skull splitting evergreen for every Zombie killing Lumberjack. TIMBER!"
175,000 Shop icon 1

Brainmill Description
"This head chopping gadget will carve path through Zombies with relaxing smoothness."
300,000 Shop icon 1

Chainsaw Description
"A fuel-powered classic. Whether you want to cut down trees or Zombie limbs."
450,000 Shop icon 1

Hammer Description
"Reliable bone breaking havoc. Will trample Zombies into the dust. Give them pain."
450,000 Shop icon 1

Katana Description
"Draw upon the power of KI and cut through walkers with style."
1,000,000 Shop icon 1

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