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☣ Item Statistics ☣
Effect:Detonate when enemies are near
Amount per purchase:8
Limit per game:4
PriceShop icon 1800

"Mines are ideal against zombies. You don't need to mask or bury them, just activate, toss, and watch the limbs fly."
—In-game description


Mines are extremely versatile and come in eight per purchase; four can be equipped at a time. When deployed, it creates a planting noise and is placed in front of the player. It makes a blip noise as it waits for a Zombie to approach it. Once triggered, it rises into the air and detonates. They activate when a zombie steps on it and has a huge explosive radius.

Mines are useful in objective missions when running to the collection point in supply runs, or defending a door, or need to kill a swarm of zombies.



  • The picture of the mine in the store is different from the in-game one.
    • The picture of the mine is the store is an M18A1 claymore, but in-game, the mine is an M15 anti-tank mine.