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Mini Mortar HD
☣ Item Statistics ☣
Effect:Detonate when Zombies approach
Amount per purchase:9
Limit per game:3
PriceShop icon 29

"Another great idea from Grace! This device is holding pack of frag grenades that can be thrown on anything that moves around. Perfect for guarding areas, or just blowing up some zombies."
—In-game description


The Mini-Mortar is a Gold Item featured in the 1.5.0 patch. It is the first item costing gold. It costs 9 gold for 6 mortars per purchase.

Each mortar seems to hold 3 Frag Grenades but actually there are 6, and once a zombie comes near its proximity, a grenade is released. It resembles a bounding mine in appearance, and seems empty after releasing 5 grenades but releases 1 more even after the 3 visible frag-slots are emptied. Once these 6 frag grenades are gone, the Mini-mortar retracts into its "shell", explodes and disappears.

Instead of spending gold, it is advised that the player should purchase Frag Grenades instead, as the Mini-Mortar's ones have the same range and damage. The only difference is that Frag Grenades are priced in cash, and can be thrown where the player wants them to. The best use for the Mini-Mortar is said in the in-game description; defense. The Mini-Mortar is exceptional for defending doors and watching the player's back.