Miscellaneous weapons are additional weapons that have one, or no other weapon of its kind in Dead Trigger. There is one launcher, one projectile firing weapon, and two melee weapons (as of iOS 1.7.2, Android 1.7 update).

A Melee is a weapon designed to damage enemies at arms length. They do not require any reloading and have very high damage. These weapons have an advantage over SWAT zombies as their armor does not protect against these weapons. There are only two melee weapons in Dead Trigger, and two projectile firing weapons. 

In Dead Trigger 2, Melee Weapons are always part of the player's loadout.

Dead Trigger Edit

Chainsaw T-800 Description
Chainsaw T-800
"When killing zombies with a chainsaw, you are bound to run out of gas. But hey, who gives a rats ass about that? If zombies have eaten your entire family, this is the only way to get revenge. Vrooom, vrooom, vrooom!"
5,000 Shop icon 1

Brain-Mill Description
"This little baby features a 30 kW outboard motor rigged with turbine blades that have been grinded to razor sharp perfection. Is it a lawnmower? Is it a blender? A wood chipper? You decide! Either way, its about to get real messy up in here..."
120 Shop icon 2

Crossbow Description
Crossbow (Dead Trigger)
"This weapon kills enemies with medieval brutality even in the third millenium!"
210 Shop icon 2

Grenade Launcher Description
Grenade Launcher
"Who's a survivor's best friend in a world full of zombies? A dog? A woman? A book? Nope, not even close... A grenade launcher, with a buddy like this, life is a non-stop party( if you like partying in the slaughterhouse that is)"
240 Shop icon 2



  • Neither melee weapons can reload or aim in any way.

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