Money HDFour wads of cash.
FunctionPurchase Guns, Items, and Character upgrades.
PriceIn-App Purchases

Money is the easiest form of currency to obtain in Dead Trigger. It can be obtained either through IAP's, performing missions, using the Money Booster, or randomly dropping from killed zombies in-game.


"Money still has some value. It can be found in missions and you can buy useful things with it. (If you want more, you can get it through I.A.P. or Bank location on the map)"
—In-game description

Guns purchasable with MoneyEdit

Assault RiflesEdit

Light Machine GunsEdit



Submachine GunsEdit

Melee WeaponsEdit

In-App Purchase IncrementsEdit

  • +40,000 for $0.99
  • +150,000 for $2.99
  • +350,000 for $4.99
  • +800,000 for $9.99


  • Whenever the Hero says one of his quotes, this means that either money or ammo has dropped from a killed zombie on the map.

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